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Tickabox Solutions Limited are a disclosed agent acting on behalf of carefully selected landlords. We are primarily focused on providing a solution to your accommodation needs in Warrington through spacious, high quality carefully selected apartments. We can also provide very competitive rates for hotels in Warrington.

Having personally worked away from home for many years staying in both guest houses and hotels it was clear that there must be a better way for longer stays. Most rooms I stayed in were less than 20m2 with no area to work, perched on the end of the bed or in bed to watch TV. Having to use dial-up (so slow) or pay for an internet connection (not cheap) to collect my emails. I also found that I had to continually pack and unpack as I returned home at weekends. It would have been great if I could have left personal belongings until I returned.

A half decent hotel can cost anything from £80 upwards per night. Surprisingly a luxury apartment per m2 is a fraction of the cost in comparison.

Don't get me wrong hotels have their advantages with additional facilities like a bar and restaurant, which has it's appeal. But personally I would have preferred to come home from work and just chill by watching TV with a good selection of channels or watch a DVD and eat when and what I fancied.

I have lost count of how many times colleagues / friends working away wanted to have something simple like egg or beans on toast, I suppose eating off the same menu every night does become repetitive.

Due to the pokey size of the room I wanted to spend as much time out of the room as possible and the most convenient location was the bar, although it sounds great every night it was not ideal (especially with work in the morning).

If I was staying for more than a week and I had been given the choice between a hotel and a short stay apartment I know which one I would choose - hence the reason for setting up Tickabox Solutions Limited.

I just wish that Serviced Accommodation was available when I worked away. 

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